This Is the Easy Part.

Use these guidelines to get an idea of my fee for your project.

To know exactly what it’ll cost, ask me for a quote!

My rates reflect the insight, expertise and near-obsessive focus you get from me.

If quality’s less important to you than price, you should probably choose somebody else for your project — I wish you the greatest success, but I only work with people who want the best.


Writing, per 1000 words

Sales copy: from £750 ($1000)

Marketing copy, case studies, white papers: from £600 ($800)

Technical writing, training guides, tutorials: from £525 ($700)

Blog posts, articles, non-fiction books or ebooks: from £375 ($500)


Editing, per 1000 words

Developmental / substantive editing: from £150 ($200)

Sub-editing / copy editing: from £75 ($100)


Things You Need to Know

  • All those rates are for remote work. I don’t travel, because internet.
  • I accept payment in advance or on a “50% to start, 50% on delivery” basis.
  • If your budget won’t stretch to my rates, I’ll help you find the right writer for your project.


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